Electrical Installation

The construction equipment that changes according to the area of ​​use and which require electrical energy needs is called electrical installation which sends this energy with the help of cables, switches, sockets and fuses. Electrical installation is a kind of energy that will be used by obtaining permission from the necessary places as it enters into the field of science works. Once the electrical installation area has been determined, it can be laid in suitable ways. The appropriate pipe style is selected from the columns outside the pipes through the isolator and the installation is laid on the main panels with the help of cable according to the conductor style. The main panel is generally placed in a place that is easily accessible and more easily intervened in case of any problems. A separate line must be opened for earthing from the main panel to ensure safety first. Other cables from the panel are routed to the meters. After the counters, the installation of the units to the sockets of the units to be installed is made by conductive cables and appropriate pipes to the socket outlets and switches. A separate fuse board must be added to each unit. In the event of a power failure from the main panel, it is also possible to cut the electricity in the fuse boards. These boxes, which we also call auxiliary fuses, have been developed as a response to electrical explosions and fires by automatically deactivating the fuses in case the electrical currents in the unit are cut off or a device with the wrong electrical device is connected.

Electrical work is dangerous! Leave it to your master!

In case of incorrect installation of the installation, it is important to make it through the right ducts as fire hazards may occur.

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