Paint Whitewash Applications

How to paint, how to paint the house, how to choose the appropriate paint, what should we pay attention to the construction of paint, the tips of painting, which material is used in paint?

Appropriate Paint Selection

1- First of all, a suitable paint should be selected and if auxiliary material is required, it must be suitable for the surface and paint.

2- When purchasing paint, quality one should be preferred. Cheap and poor quality paints come at the same cost as quality paints per square meter. However, saving for a small price may cause big losses in the future.

3- Any quality paint, primer and thinner can be found on the market. However, it is recommended to use suitable paint, primer and thinner for better results in application.

4- When choosing paint, it should be checked whether the product purchased meets the TSE standards and whether the manufacturer has ISO 9000 certificate.

5- The color to be used indoors and outdoors should be tested on a small surface.

What to expect from paint?

2- Whiteness
3- Water lifting power (Adjust the paint consistency with water)
4- Convenient application
5- Economy
6- Colority
7- ConsumptionConsideration
1- First of all, the necessary tools and devices related to the paint to be applied must be present completely.
2- The most important rule in paint application is to always use products of the same brand in the same system.
3- The application instructions of the selected material must be strictly followed.
4- No paint should be applied on dirty and damp surfaces. The surface should be prepared according to the type of paint to be applied and architectural details should be corrected.
5- For the new cement plastered or exposed concrete surfaces to be painted for the first time, the earliest application should be made after 3-4 weeks.
6- All paints should be thoroughly mixed with a suitable mixer before application.
7- Wood preservative, cellulosic filler varnish and epoxy group products should be mixed in their packaging and then mixed again in another container.
8- Paints should not be applied in very hot and very cold environments.
9- Painting should be done in thin layers.
10-Powder or liquid additives should not be added to the paint and should not be diluted further than the thinning rate indicated on the package.
11-To ensure good adhesion, the bright surface must be dulled.
12-In order to re-use the excess paint, it should be added to the paint from its thinner to cover the surface and should be kept closed in a cool place without mixing.

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